Neck Exercises with Jennifer Adolfs

The neck can be a a tricky area to foam roll, and as with all other exercises, if you have any questions or concerns you might want to consult your doctor before you do try it. Foam rolling the neck area can help relieve neck and back pain as well as relieve some tension in the neck and head that may be causing you some headaches.

To start foam rolling your neck you’re going to lie flat on your back. Then take the roller and place it behind your head like a pillow near the base of the skull.

There are multiple directions to roll your
– Gently nod and lift your head up and down 10 times
– With your chin lifted turn your head from side to side only as far as it can.
– After that, you can try rotating your head in a circle in one direction as if you are drawing a circle with your nose on the ceiling. Once you rotate a few times, make sure to rotate the opposite direction as well.

As you perform the neck exercises make sure to try and keep your chest open and your shoulders relaxed. Massaging this neck area with a foam roller could help alleviate some tension in the upper back and shoulder areas as well.

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