Best Foam Rollers

Foam Rollers are an affordable piece of equipment. Like having tools to maintain your car or home, you should have a foam roller on hand to help maintain your body. In fact, it is almost like having a low maintenance personal chiropractor with you. Even physical therapists use it to the delight of their patients, who often purchase one for home-use after experiencing its effectiveness themselves.

The Overall Best Foam Rollers

Black High Density Foam Roller High Density Black Foam Roller </>
Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller Trigger Point Foam Roller
GIAMA Total Restore Foam Roller GIAM Total Restore Foam Roller

New to Foam Rolling?

Foam Rolling is a type of self-massage typically used to release trigger points, or relieve muscle tightness. They are generally inexpensive and can also be used to increase muscle strength, reduce soreness, and alleviate pain using a variety of exercises. If you are new to foam rolling read our getting started guide here.

Foam Roller Exercises

Sore neck? Tight shoulders? or Lower back pain? You can target specific areas on your body to reduce chronic pain and soothe muscles. Oftentimes massaging one area of your body can help relieve tension in other areas. If you are active in sports such as running, cycling, or weight lifting, regularly massaging with a foam can help you recover faster. Take a look at exercises that will help you target specific muscles and parts of your body here – See Foam Roller Exercises