High Density Foam Rollers

High Density Foam Rollers

High-density black foam rollers, or high-density rollers, are great for those very experienced in foam rolling or that really need a strong and deep massage. These can provide an intense self-massage that may be too intense for some. These are smooth and very dense, which makes them durable to withstand a fair amount of use before needing to be replaced.

The High Density Black foam roller is also the most popular and affordable option. They are usually made from molded polypropylene to maintain firmness and most types available will have a 1-3 year warranty to guarantee their firmness over time.

We’ve compiled a quick list of the best high-density foam rollers you can find on Amazon below:

Amazon Basics High Density Foam Roller 12-36 Inch

Price: $8.68 – $18.99
A nice basic foam roller that is available in 12, 18, and 36 inches sizes. This is an very affordable option if you are rolling for the first time.

FitPlus High Density Foam Roller 12-36 Inch

Price: $3.96 – $20.95
This brand includes a 10 year warranty and is comparable to the Amazon Basics Foam Roller. The 12 inch size is less than $4 dollars! If you have amazon prime, you can get free shipping on this as well.

LuxFit Speckled Extra Firm Foam Roller 12-36 Inch

Price: $7.95 – $65.99
The LuxFit Speckled foam roller gives you a bit of color and comes in 12, 18, 24, and 36 inches sizes. This roller is labeled as “Extra Firm” and should maintain its shape over time without any issues. It also includes a 3 year warranty