I first discovered Foam Rollers at a CrossFit gym where I had pushed myself to intense 5 day a-week workouts. I had never been so sore before in my life. One day, as part of a warm-up, we were instructed to take out the foam rollers and use them. I had seen these funny looking things before at other gyms and some yoga studios but I never really knew or understood what they were used for.

Needless to say it changed my life. I had previously suffered a lot of upper and lower back pain as well as some shoulder and neck strains from constantly sitting with bad posture on a couch in front of the tv or computer. I also never realized how tight the muscles were on my legs. The first time I attempted using a foam roller on my thighs and glutes it brought tears to my eyes…

I started putting this site together to help organize and share some of the info that I found and thus foamrollerrelief.com was born. I am in no way a medical expert so please make sure to check with your doctor or physician before beginning any kind of exercise.

You should be in good physical condition and be able to participate in the exercise and avoid doing any workouts on this site if it causes any extreme pain

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